Cervical Spine Injury

Cervical Spine Injury Lawyers

The spinal column is made up of different segments. One of those segments is the cervical spine, or C-Spine. The C-Spine is made up of 7 cervical vertebrae and they are numbered C1 through C-7. Injury to the C-Spine due to an accident can inflict great pain, suffering and result in a diminished quality of life. If you have suffered a cervical spine injury due to the negligence of another it makes sense for you to speak with a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney handling cervical spine injury claims.

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Cervical Spine And Neck Injury Accidents

A cervical spine injury can occur during any accident that causes great force to the neck area upon impact. Damage and injury to the cervical spine can be minor, moderate and severe. These injuries commonly occur in auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, slips and falls and premises liability accidents such as swimming pool and diving accidents.

Cervical spine injuries can often lead to permanent impairment, nerve injury and loss of use of effected body part. In severe personal injury cases the victim may be paralyzed following the accident.

Compensation Sources For Injury To The Cervical Spine

Each state has different laws for auto accident, personal injury and workers’ compensation claims. Under personal injury law in the state you were injured in you may be entitled to avenues of compensation such as:

Medical Expenses including current and future

Lost Income including current and future

Pain And Suffering ( not applicable in most states if your injury was sustained at work)



Funeral Expenses

Death Benefits

Survival Benefits (not applicable in all states)

The circumstances surrounding your C-Spine injury, who or what caused it, will determine what benefits and compensation you are entitled to. For this reason, and many others, it is imperative that you speak with an experienced personal injury attorney following your accident.

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