Minnesota Zantac Cancer Claims

Zantac, and it’s ingredient ranitidine is a heartburn medication sold in prescription form as well as over the counter. There are claims that it has the carcinogen NDMA which is used to induce cancer in lab animals. It is a suspected human carcinogen as well. Recently drug stores and pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreen’s have stopped selling Zantac in commercial and generic forms. One of the largest manufacturers of Zantac and generic ranitidine is Sanofi-Novartis. Please contact our medication injury attorneys if you believe your cancer was caused by the heartburn and ulcer medication Zantac. They handle Minnesota Zantac cancer lawsuits as well as claims in all other states.

Zantac and ranitidine litigates in its infancy and to date no settlements have been awarded. They are coming however. As Zantac has always been one of the most commonly prescribed medications in America, as well as a very popular over the counter antacid, there will be tens of thousands of lawsuits filed against the makers of Zantac when all said and done.

In 2020 it came out that there was a link between a mother taking Zantac during pregnancy and male children developing testicular cancer later in life. If you son has been diagnosed with testicular cancer, and you/the mom, took ranitidine in prescribed or OTC form, please contact our medication injury attorneys handling Zantac testicular cancer lawsuits across the country.