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Have you, or a loved one, suffered permanent alopecia (hair loss), baldness or bodily injury after taking the cancer medication Taxotere, which is also sold under the names Docetaxel and Docefrez? Are you now living with kidney damage or kidney failure due to being given the Type 2 diabetes drug Invokana? If so, you may qualify for benefits and financial compensation according to the state where you live in and or the state where you were prescribed the medication. Speaking with an experienced Florida Taxotere injury lawyers serving all 50 states is a wise move as they will analyze your claim, explain your rights to you and help you through this trying time.

Please feel free to contact Taxotere Injury Lawyers today to discuss your alopecia claim. Depending on the extent of your damages,  you may be entitled to various forms of benefits as well as financial compensation. Our San Diego Taxotere lawsuit attorneys offer complimentary case reviews and charge no fees if they do not win for you. Serving the entire United States including California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Iowa and Illinois.


What is Taxotere?

Taxotere is a chemotherapy drug used in the treatment of various forms of cancer. The drug is made by Sanofi SA. Taxotere is also sold under the names Docetaxel and Docefrez by the pharmaceutical companies Sun Pharma Global and Zytax by Zydus. It is primarily used to treat breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, advanced stomach cancer, head and neck cancer, and metastatic prostate cancer. It is administered intravenously through a vein and is a member of a family of drugs called taxanes.

The drug works by interfering with the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body. Hair loss during chemotherapy is common. However, most women who used Taxotere were unaware of the permanent hair loss is caused. Sanofi has warned consumers in other countries about the permanent hair loss, but has delayed doing so in the U.S.

Taxotere Uses & Indications

In the United States Taxotere, Docefrez and Docetaxel are approved for use in treatment of breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, advanced stomach cancer, head and neck cancer and metastatic prostate cancer. Taxotere and its’ other forms are also being used to treat small cell lung, ovarian, bladder, and pancreatic cancers, soft tissue sarcoma and melanoma. It is primarily used in female breast cancer patients but males can also be administered Taxotere.

Regardless of your gender, or what brand name of the drug you may have been given, if you have suffered permanent hair loss as a result of being administered Taxotere you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation. Call our San Diego, California Taxotere injury lawyers today for a free consult.

Side Effects Of The Drug Taxotere

Several studies have been conducted which suggest a direct link between the use of Taxotere and the development of permanent hair loss (alopecia). Alopecia is a potential side effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The condition may occur at any location of the body.

Alopecia causes hair to become thin and dryer. There are three main types of Alopecia:

● Alopecia Areata

● Alopecia Totalis

● Alopecia Universalis

Alopecia Areata is the most common form of the disease. It consists of round smooth patches of hair loss. Alopecia Totalis occurs when there is total loss of hair on the scalp. Alopecia Universalis is the rarest form of hair loss. It consists total body hair loss.

In addition to alopecia and hair loss, Taxotere side effects also include the following:

● Nausea

● Vomiting

● Diarrhea

● Fatigue

● Loss of appetite

● Dizziness

● Excessive tearing

These side effects normally subside shortly after the medication is given and or once it is no longer needed. Despite this, it behooves you to speak with our team of Saint Louis, Missouri Taxotere injury lawyers to discuss your case as they are currently handling many Taxotere injury cases similar to yours.

Benefits & Damages Awarded In Taxotere Cases

A Taxotere alopecia injury claim is slightly different than most other personal injury claims. The reason is that in a typical personal injury case such as an auto accident, slip and fall or workers’ compensation case there are actual physical injuries. These injuries disrupt the injury victims daily life, their ability to work, provide for their family and enjoy the life they once knew. Injuries caused by traditional types of accidents also result in health and medical issues that require ongoing care.

In a Taxotere case, or at least a large majority of Taxotere cases, the damages sought are primarily pain and suffering damages. While it can happen, in a Taxotere claim it is rare that lost wage benefits or medical expense benefits are sought. Having said that damages awarded in a Taxotere alopecia claim can be lost wage compensation, medical expense compensation, emotional suffering compensation, loss of enjoyment of life compensation, disfigurement compensation, therapy and psychological counseling compensation.

To determine what benefits you may be entitled to please contact our team of Washington D.C. Taxotere injury attorneys immediately for a free consultation.

Taxotere Permanent Hair Loss Statistics

It is widely known that chemotherapy for any type of cancer can hair loss. It is also known that most cases of chemotherapy induced alopecia resolve in 3-6 months after the treatment is finished. In that time the hair completely regrows back and the cancer survivor gets back into their normal life. Hair loss following chemotherapy, regardless of age and gender, is one of the most distressing side effects of chemotherapy treatment. Studies indicate that hair loss, known as Alopecia, has a direct impact on quality of life. This is due to the fact that even though the victim may have beaten cancer they still see a cancer patient when they look in the mirror. Permanent hair loss can be especially devastating. If the permanent alopecia victim is a female that emotional and psychological devastation increases significantly. Recent research indicates that Docefrez, Docetaxel and Taxotere can cause permanent and irreversible alopecia. All body hair is affected. This includes eyebrows, eyelashes as well as pubic hair. If you or a loved one has suffered permanent hair loss due to Taxotere please reach out to our Taxotere injury lawyers and attorneys handling Taxotere lawsuits.

Pending Taxotere Lawsuits

Several plaintiffs (Taxotere injury victims) have filed claims against Taxotere manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis. Taxotere, Docefrez and Docetaxel lawsuits stem from the fact that the drugs manufacturers neglected to warn patients of the high risk of permanent hair loss that is associated with ingesting the drug. The claim states that if plaintiffs would have been better notified of the hair loss side effects, they would have sought out an alternative treatment.

In 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) updated the warning label for Taxotere to include the risk of permanent hair loss. Several claimants suffer from loss of quality of life due to permanent hair loss.

Taxotere Injury Victims Support Groups

Breast cancer is one of the scariest, most trying and most traumatic events a woman, or a man, will ever face. To endure such a tragedy takes an extraordinary amount of courage, strength and faith. A breast cancer victim will need all of the support he or she can get. To find out about local breast cancer support groups in your area please visit: You can also visit this Facebook page:

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We invite you to contact our California Taxotere Injury Lawyers to discuss your Taxotere personal injury claim. To date, no Taxotere mass tort class has been certified. Each Taxotere invury victim is filing separate claims. Our team of New York Docetaxel injury attorneys are currently accepting Taxotere cases. If you have been diagnosed with permanent hair loss or damage after being administered Taxotere, contact our attorneys filing Taxotere permanent hair loss lawsuits. for a consultation. The New Jersey Taxotere injury lawyers on our team can provide you with legal guidance and advice on how to best proceed in obtaining the compensation you deserve for your injury.

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