Internal Medicine Doctor Malpractice

internal medicine doctor malpractice

Internal medicine doctors aka general internistsĀ provide primary care to adults. During their residency they can choose a subspecialty inĀ a variety of other areas, such as gastroenterology, endocrinology, or cardiology. An internist will spend more time training in hospitals than a family practitioner and may have an office-based practice or work as a hospitalist which involves seeing patients in the hospital. As with all types of healthcare providers they can make mistakes leading to accidents, injuries, illnesses and wrongful death. If you have been the victim of medical malpractice by an internal medicine doctor, regardless of subspecialty, you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation. Now is the time for you to contact our Pennsylvania medical negligence attorneys handling internal medicine doctor malpractice claims and lawsuits. They provide free case examinations and charge nothing unless they recover for you.

Internal Medicine Specialties

As internal medicine providers focus their practice on adults, whether they are in perfect health or are battling a chronic or terminal illness, there are numerous subspecialties that mandate 1-3 more years of training and education. These categories can be cardiology, endocrinology, hematology, oncology, nephrology, infectious disease, pulmonology, gastroenterology & rheumatology. Each of these doctors can easily cause you undue injury and illness if they do not provide the appropriate level of care. If this has happened to you please contact our medical negligence attorneys handling internal medicine doctor malpractice lawsuits.

Benefits In Internal Medicine Doctor Malpractice Claims

Forms of compensation in these medical negligence lawsuits are the same as other accident and injury cases. As each case is unique your case will warrant different benefits and forms of damages. These can include wrongful death benefits, lost wage benefits, healthcare coverage for duration of time impacted by medical negligence and disability benefits. Please contact our Delaware medical malpractice attorneys for an in depth case eval and

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