Hospital Infection Lawsuits

A hospital is the safest place to be if you’re seriously injured or dangerously ill. It has the equipment and medical staff at hand to handle almost any medical emergency. But because of this, hospitals are also full of pathogens, from ordinary people moving throughout the facility to harmful pathogens brought in by ill or injured patients. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that intensive care units are among the most common places for patients to acquire hospital-associated infections also referred to as nosocomial infections. If you have been the victim of a hospital acquired infection you may be eligible for benefits and financial compensation. Please do not wait to contact our medical negligence attorneys handling hospital infection lawsuits nationwide.

Our team of hospital negligence attorneys handling hospital infection lawsuits nationwide charge nothing for the case evaluation. In addition, they charge no legal fees unless they recover for you and your family.

Liability In Nosocomial Infection Injury Claims

In order to qualify as a hospital acquired infection, the infection must occur:

  • Up to 48 hours after hospital admission
  • Up to three days after discharge
  • Up to 30 days after a surgery
  • In a medical facility which the patient was admitted to for reasons other than the infection

Hospital infections are caused by a variety of pathogens. These can be bacterial, viral or fungal pathogens. All hospitals, even those who adhere to universal precautions and sterilization techniques, have these pathogens present on a regular basis. Common types of hospital acquired infections include:

  • Central line-associated bloodstream infections
  • Catheter-associated urinary tract infections
  • Surgical site infections
  • Ventilator-associated pneumonia

Hospital acquired infections can include other types of infections such as gastrointestinal infections, soft-tissue infections, lower respiratory tract infections, cardiovascular infections, urinary tract infections and infections of the central nervous system (CNS).

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