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The cochlear implant has been noted for potential defects that can cause pain and loud noises inside the ear. If you or someone you know has received this hearing aid from Advanced Bionics, it is vitally important that you contact our firm today.

A Los Angeles product liability lawyer at our firm may be able to review your case and help you file a claim against the responsible party. Here at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation, we strongly believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for your injuries if they were caused by a negligent company.

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Have you received a hearing implant recently?

The cochlear implant, also known as a bionic ear, is an electronic device that is surgically implanted into a patient’s ear who is deaf or hard of hearing to provide a sense of sound.The implant has already been recalled twice before. The first time it was recalled for symptoms that were similar to the ones that people are reporting now. The second time the product was recalled was because the company changed the components in the device without approval or even notifying the FDA.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of the faulty hearing aid, do not hesitate to call our office immediately. We have built our practice on high moral and ethical standards, and we believe that every person should get a fair opportunity for justice. The cochlear recall attorneys at our office are proud to represent victims of these types of injustices as we fight to bring you a peaceful and stress-free future.

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The defective product attorneys at Shoop | A Professional Law Corporation continue to represent injured consumers throughout the nation with regard to defective and recalled cochlear implants, including the Cochlear Nucleus CI512 (N5) implant and the Advanced Bionics Hi Res 90k cochlear implant.

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No other law firm in the nation handles more Cochlear Nucleus CI512 claims than we do meaning no other law firm in the nation is as familiar with and understands the legal issues surrounding these dangerous implants. In fact, while our office is in the Los Angeles area, we have represented cochlear implant victims both nationally and internationally.

Given our extensive knowledge of these products, not to mention our combined 35 years of legal experience, there is no other law firm you should trust to handle your defective product case. Our primary goal is to achieve the maximum compensation available for victims of these implants, and we will not stop until we do.

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In September 2011, Cochlear Ltd. initiated a product recall of the world’s thinnest hearing implants after several patients experienced problems. The company stated that the cause of the implant failures was a manufacturing defect, or more specifically, variations in the brazing process that caused a number of implants to develop “microcracks” in their braze joints.

These cracks in the device allow moisture to enter into it because it fails to achieve a hermetic seal. This condition causes diodes that power the device to short-circuit, and the device correspondingly shuts down.


Remember, if you or your child has suffered a confirmed failure of a cochlear implant, it is important that you DO NOT attempt to negotiate a settlement on your own with Cochlear Ltd. It is also important that you DO NOT sign a release or enter into any written settlement agreement with the company, especially since this could diminish your legal rights.