San Diego County Target Accident Lawyers

Injured at one of the many Target stores in San Diego County, California? You may qualify for benefits and financial compensation under California personal injury law. Contact our personal injury lawyers serving all of San Diego County including Carlsbad, El Cajon, Chula Vista, Downtown San Diego and San Ysidro, CA.

Our San Diego County Target accident lawyers have many years experienced litigating Target personal injury claims.

Target Stores In San Diego County

There are currently 19 Target stores in San Diego County. They are in Escondido, El Cajon, Chula Vista, San Diego, Santee Poway and Encinitas. Almost all of the areas listed have multiple locations. Every year many San Diego residents are injured during routine shopping trips to the local Target. If you are one of these unfortunate victims you should speak with an attorney handling target store injuries in San Diego County, California.

Liability In Target Accidents

As with many personal injury claims fault, also referred to as liability, has to be established in order to take legal action. Just because someone falls in a Target store does not automatically mean that Target is at fault or that the fall victim has a case.

Our experienced San Diego County Target accident lawyers will review your claim, establish who is at fault  and determine what benefits and financial compensation you may be entitled to. Not properly determining liability can result in you not being able to obtain damages, benefits and monetary compensation.

Generally fault can fall onto the store itself, its’ employees, vendors, contractors, the parent company and any subcontractors associated with the store. In many cases outside entities help deliver goods to the stores and also help setup the displays, end-caps, etc.

Factors In A Target Slip & Fall Case

In a Target store injury case, or any other type of premises liability case certain things have to happen in order to have a case that warrants filing a personal injury lawsuit. The factors that need to be present are:

  1. Physical injury
  2. Missed work time resulting in lost wages
  3. Medical expenses related to the accident

If you fall, and there is no actual injury, you may not have a case. And if there were no bodily injuries caused by the fall then you most likely will not miss any time at work nor will you have any medical expenses brought on by the accident.

Now, just because you are injured at a Target store and feel ok right after the accident that does not mean that any injuries will not manifest later. With this in mind if you ever fall or are involved in an accident of some sort while on the premises of another you should get medical care right away. In many accident cases the injuries will come on sometime after the incident once the adrenaline rush has subsided.

Let Our Target Accident Lawyers Help

Our team of San Diego County Target accident lawyers are standing by ready to fight for your rights. Contact them immediately for a free case consultation. They offer free consultations and charge no fee unless they recover on behalf of you and your family.