Brown Sequard Syndrome

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Brown-Séquard syndrome, also commonly referred to as Brown-Séquard’s hemiplegia, Brown-Séquard’s paralysis, hemiparaplegic syndrome, hemiplegia et hemiparaplegia spinalis, or spinal hemiparaplegia, is caused by damage to one half of the spinal cord, resulting in paralysis and loss of proprioception on the same side as the injury or lesion, and loss of pain and temperature sensation on the opposite (or contralateral) side as the lesion. It is named after physiologist Charles-Édouard Brown-Séquard, who first described the condition in 1850.

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Causes Of Brown Sequard Syndrome

Brown-Séquard syndrome may be caused by a spinal cord tumor, trauma [such as a gunshot wound or puncture wound to the cervical (neck) or thoracic spine (back)], an auto accident, ischemia (obstruction of a blood vessel), or infectious or inflammatory diseases such as tuberculosis, or multiple sclerosis. In its pure form, it is rarely seen. The most common cause is penetrating trauma such as a gunshot wound or stab wound to the spinal cord. Decompression sickness may also be a cause of Brown-Séquard syndrome.

The presentation can be progressive and incomplete. It can advance from a typical Brown-Séquard syndrome to complete paralysis. It is not always permanent and progression or resolution depends on the severity of the original spinal cord injury and the underlying pathology that initially caused it.

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