Birth Defects

In the United States birth defects occur at a rate of 1 out of about 4,000 children born. A birth defect is defined as a child who is born with a physical anomaly or an altered biochemical makeup. There are many types of birth defects and some are more common than others. A baby born with a birth defect rarely has the chance to live a normal life. Many types of birth defects, such as anencephaly, equate to the child being stillborn or only surviving for a few hours. In some cases of children being born defective the child, and the parents, may qualify for benefits, lifelong medical care and financial compensation. Do not face this tragedy alone. Please contact our birth defect injury lawyers for a free case analysis.

Our team of nationwide birth injury lawyers are standing by ready to help you and your baby. They provide free case exams and do not assess any charges if they do not recover for you. Serving the entire country including DE, PA, MD, NJ, NY, WV, DC, SC, TX and PR.

Birth Injuries & Birth Defects

People often confuse birth injuries and birth defects. There are some similarities but they also vary greatly. A birth injury is usually caused by some sort of trauma during delivery. Examples are Cerebral Palsy and Shoulder Dystocia.

Birth defects are mostly caused by a genetic trait or the fetus being exposed to an environmental toxin. The latter may enable you to obtain benefits and financial compensation. Examples of environmental factors are the mother smoking or drinking during pregnancy and the mom taking certain medications while pregnant. A chemical example is the baby being exposed to Roundup weedkiller as it’s main ingredient is glyphosate which is a suspected carcinogen according to the American Cancer Society.

Birth Defects And Carcinogen Exposure

A carcinogen is a chemical, gas, fume or other environmental factor that can result in cancer of some sort. In addition to the herbicide Roundup other carcinogens can result in harm to an unborn child. These can be medications such as Accutane, radon exposure, asbestos exposure and contaminated drinking water.

Teratogens And Birth Defect Cases

Substances of all types that have the potential to harm or injure a fetus are classified as teratogens. They differ from carcinogens in that teratogens can cause conditions other than cancer. Examples are a cleft palate aka hairlip, arthritis, anxiety disorders and being prone to upper respiratory illnesses. Statistically teratogens are responsible for about 5% of all birth defects.

Teratogens we see in everyday life are medications such as Zestril, Prinivial and other ACE inhibitors. Alcohol, cocaine, lead, radiation, extreme heat and herbal treatments.

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A birth defect is absolutely one of the worst things a parent or family can endure.If your child has been born with any type of anomaly at birth please contact our injury lawyers handling birth defect lawsuits. The charge nothing if they are unable to recover benefits for you and your child.

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