Nothing can prepare you for being the victim of an accident caused by the negligence of another. An injury resulting in life altering conditions such as paralysis, loss of use, permanent disability and long term medical conditions is termed a catastrophic injury. The result an injury of this type will have on your life will be severe and your life will never be what it was prior to the injury. If you, or a loved one, have been severely injured in an accident you may be entitled to medical benefits, damages and financial compensation according to personal injury law. Consulting with our Phoenix personal injury attorneys is a wise move as you have rights and they need to be protected.

Please call our team of California personal injury lawyers immediately. They offer free consultations and charge no fee to accident and injury victims unless they recover for you. Hablamos Espanol!

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Catastrophic Injury Claims We Handle

Severe and life changing injuries can be induced by many types of accidents including:

Auto accidents including car accidents, DUI accidents, motorcycle accidents and trucking accidents

Dangerous drug injury claims such as Invokana injury cases and Taxotere alopecia lawsuits.

Defective medical device claims such as IVC filter injury cases and Essure implant claims.

Nursing home abuse cases such as financial fraud, elopement, assault, sexual assault and wrongful death.

Premises liability accidents including slip and fall accidents, parking lot accidents and animal attacks.

Slip and fall at stores such as Ikea, Wal-Mart, Target, Kroger stores, Lowe’s & Home Depot and others.

Workplace accidents including assaults, construction accidents & work related car accidents.

Fatal accidents resulting in accidental death or wrongful death.

It is always a wise move to contact an experienced Houston Texas, personal injury attorney or accident attorney to discuss your case. They will explain your rights to you, determine any and all benefits yo may be entitled to and get you the compensation you deserve per that states applicable laws.

Types Of Catastrophic Injuries

Amputation including surgical and trauma induced loss of limb.

Birth injury cases including Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy, Shoulder Dystocia and Meningitis.

Back and neck injuries such as whiplash, slipped discs and herniated discs.

Bone injuries including open fractures, closed fractures and hairline breaks.

Brain injuries such as concussions, hypoxic brain injury, anoxic brain injury and infant brain injury.

Facial injuries including ear, eye and nose injuries.

Head injuries such as cuts, bruises, lacerations, road rash and avulsions.

Joint and connective tissue injuries including ligament and tendon tears as well as joint breaks.

Organ injuries such as heart, kidney, lung, spleen and liver damage due to trauma, medication or surgery.

Nerve injuries including paralysis; monoplegia, hemiplegia, paraplegia and quadriplegia.

Spinal cord injury claims including cervical, sacral, thoracic and coccygeal spinal fractures.

Any of these injuries, as well as others, may entitle you to compensation according to personal injury law in the state where the injury took place. It makes sense for you to consult with an attorney handling personal injury claims regarding your rights and how to protect them.

Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse & Child Molestation Lawyers

Every year tens of thousands of children are abused, sexually abused, sexually assaulted or molested in the United States. An overwhelming majority of these cases go unreported and a comparable number of child sex abuse cases are committed by someone the child knows. People that the child, and parents, know and trust typically carry out these heinous acts. Common attackers and child molesters are Catholic priests, LDS priests, pastors, ministers, rabbi’s, sports coaches, martial arts instructors, teachers, tutors, professors, doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers. Please contact our Catholic priest child sex abuse injury lawyers now.

The news lately is filled with stories about the Catholic church and decades worth of child sex abuse cases that have been covered up by the church. To date the Catholic church as a whole has spent billions of dollars on settling these cases. And more than 20 states Attorney General’s offices have launched their own independent investigation into the cover ups and scandals that are plaguing the Catholic church.

Our religious figure child sex abuse lawyers cannot emphasize the importance of properly reporting your case or your child’s case. This means going to the authorities and police and NOT just the church or parish where the abuse took place. Leaving this in the hands of the organization that harmed you, or your child, is a bug mistake as their own internal investigations are worthless and all they do is ship the pedophile priest to another diocese, state or country. After contacting the police it is imperative that you reach out to our clergy member sex abuse attorneys and injury lawyers handling Catholic church cover ups.

Determining The Value Of Your Personal Injury Claim

Not all personal injury claims are the same, even if the type of accident and damages are similar. One of the most important aspects of a personal injury claim is accurately and effectively determining the fair and full dollar amount of your claim. This should only be done by an experienced personal injury attorney. It will not be done by the liable parties insurance carrier. They may approach you after the accident and offer you a quick and easy lump sum settlement which only benefits them and not you.

Several factors need to be thoroughly analyzed in order to properly establish what your claim is worth. These factors are: current lost wages, future lost wages, vehicle repair costs, current and future medical, therapy and rehabilitation costs as well as pain and suffering. Also, the full extent of your injuries may not present themselves until after many weeks, and in some cases months, following the accident. One of the most important things you should do after the accident is get appropriate medical care. Failure to do so, even if you feel ok, can impact your ability to receive benefits later on as your case progresses. As your attorney I assure that I will do everything necessary to establish the full dollar value of your claim and do everything in my power to get those benefits for you and your family.

Why Should I Call a Personal Injury or Mass Tort Lawyer?

Most people decide to hire a personal injury attorney after suffering injuries arising from the negligent actions of another person or company. Technically, people can file a personal injury claim against a company without an attorney’s representation. However, an experienced personal injury attorney can represent you against a company’s team of lawyers. For example, if you suffered a slip-and- fall injury in a local grocery store, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney immediately following your accident. If you suffer an injury from a product produced by a large manufacturer, you should contact a mass tort lawyer. We invite you to contact our law office today to discuss your injury. Our experienced personal injury lawyers and mass tort attorneys can review your claim and provide you with legal advice and guidance on how to best proceed. Read on to learn more about why you should call a personal injury/mass tort attorney.

How Our Accident Attorneys Can Help You

You may be wondering whether you should call a personal injury lawyer to discuss the injuries you suffered as a result of an accident. If you have suffered minor injuries, you may not need to retain an attorney for your claim. Filing a claim with your insurance or the other person’s insurance will often be the most efficient manner to resolve your claim. However, if you are unsatisfied with the settlement, you may want to consult with our personal injury lawyers serving Texas, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Jersey and the rest of the country.

An experienced personal injury attorney can negotiate with the insurance adjuster to obtain the compensation you deserve. Hire an experienced Memphis personal injury attorney if your claim is in dispute or the insurance company refuses to pay your claim.

If you suffered severe injuries, hire our personal injury lawyers to file an insurance claim on your behalf. Suffering a long term or permanent injury may result in you filing a lawsuit against the negligent party. This will provide you with the opportunity to obtain the most amount of damages as out injury lawyers will hold all parties accountable.

Contact Our Personal Injury Lawyers For A Free Consult

Following a severe and debilitating injury you may face seemingly insurmountable medical bills, therapy costs, surgery expenses and medication costs. In addition, you may suffer financial instability due to being unable to work and you may require long term medical care. Do not face this tragic situation alone. Contact our team of Massachusetts personal injury lawyers for a free consultation.

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